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Never Working Mondays' first product is

'Water Baby' Swim

We worked with wetsuit factories to save their offcut waste, saving it from being sent to landfill, to bring you "Water Baby" Swimwear. 

Sweet swimmers for any lil water babe who loves Earth.

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Range 1: Water Baby Swimwear

Range 1: Water Baby Swimwear saves wetsuit waste.

We worked with wetsuit factories to save their neoprene offcuts, roll waste and textiles, that would usually be sent to landfill.

Using these normally wasted pieces, we developed a pattern that could use smaller hand cut textiles to interchange colour-way panels.

We make our (no plastic, recycled card!) box open at the front so you know which colours you're getting, and so  you can easily wrap up these sweet swimmers for any lil babe coming into or already in your life.


Perfect for swim class,

... the beach or just playing around.

Water Baby swimwear comes in a range of sizes - perfect as a baby shower gift for the coolest baby to arrive to 4+ year olds catching their first waves.

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    Who are we?

'Never Working Mondays'


Working on numerous projects together, decade long best friends Milenka Osen and Kashi Somers have created Never Working Mondays.

To celebrate our joint love for nature & the ocean, design and sustainable living, we've dedicated our creative minds - and Mondays - to finding solutions to the waste created in the world of product design.

Never Working Mondays is about using the outdoor, ocean-filled lifestyle choices we make and the high these bring us, as motivation to push industries to change wasteful practices; saving waste to save the places we love.

Our first range was inspired by our shared lifestyles and passions, of babies all around, pro surfing partners and our daily sea adventures. We shared a desire to protect the things we love most.

We both love the ocean - and find it a place not only for getting new energy, but as a flag for when Mother Earth is suffering. 


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