'Sky Seaside Print` Baby Swim (M Only)

'Sky Seaside Print` Baby Swim (M Only)


We sell sea shells, by the sea shore… Frolick with this little summer special, original block design featuring the beaches best moments. Shaka up with palms, crabs, turtles, anchors, sun rays and seaside colours.

This exact colour way (with main panels in Mace Sky Blue) is available in our M for babies aged 6-15mths. - to fit with or without a nappy.

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Leo Aquamarine, Mace Sky Blue and Leo Pale Lemon panels of neoprene, ribbed with black lycra to keep those accidents inside (all sourced from off-cut & waste material).

Packaged in a custom designed, slimline, completely compostable giftbox, we boxed up the perfect present for your tiny friends.

Perfect for baby swim class, and ready for water babies who love the earth.

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